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SPRING and FALL 2017


Our Virtual Club Spring 2017


Our Fall 2017 Rehearsals


Who loves TEDEd?

We are offering a VIRTUAL HOMESCHOOL TEDEd Club in the Spring and a LOCAL Club in the Fall. Please contact us for more information!

FALL 2016

This is a FREE Club for homeschoolers who want to learn how to create their own TEDx style talk. We will divide our time together into 3 months. Students will be required to do their own preparation for their own talk leading up to the 3rd month. In class, however, we will be watching TEDx videos and discussing topics based on these videos.

September class time: facilitator leads discussions

October class time: students lead discussions

November class time: students practice their TEDx style talks in front of their peers

Week before Thanksgiving: Presentation Day!

Take a look (below) at what we did last year!

Week 1


11822615_10200869294492741_4081087122283795861_n01011825560_10152952301640919_1777916911574815799_n01211703579_10207018336717634_3581975668602097581_o01611779997_10207018337117644_4154699248673099680_o014  11782415_10207018336317624_7937965507253398874_o017   11802760_10207018335997616_6207213642368855957_o005   11816336_10207238145257051_8980491321705985192_o007     11850485_723064954504882_8551770716769991309_o003 11856281_10206469630412510_2888336339284982051_o004

Week 2



11138151_10153132653917897_7707784841507251825_n010 11825230_10206490728499949_1823139463755594519_n007

11873461_10200892802200419_1265206604343758361_n004 11889602_10206360281181804_4332898559221761287_n003

11896164_10153132703267897_8226946069833308215_n006 11880550_10206497792556546_3175576856620711036_n011 11231796_10206360286741943_5463459394266686529_n008

20150813_12543501420150813_125442015  20150813_125432013

11891397_10207620199724573_9101646514327469326_o 11894514_10207620198124533_4254139441021069241_o

Week 3


 Beginning Middle End

11215195_10153146165512897_7872766994643335780_n11917683_729212810556763_8306900677011876942_n 11222328_729212460556798_2266769809067106595_o 11870687_729212943890083_8511287912081735291_n 11873369_729212317223479_8854432385392708569_n 11886130_729212640556780_3161770877655946790_o 11891082_10153146142587897_6731531901881027824_n  11896046_10153146143507897_5884064255935812201_n 11896074_729212020556842_2605849966847955510_n 11896199_10153146143637897_858671087404995878_n 11219105_10200914268177055_1527551395746033473_n

11902365_10207678383779138_1036292546774230053_n 11891019_10207678382579108_6502779931048638508_n 11889513_10207678381699086_6420481794027718738_n

Week 4

11892238_10153159971347897_8786273692452264766_n 11903888_10153159971732897_4375733907389862099_n 11935011_10153159971537897_2709413645382017282_n 11923196_10206580179176160_4182359969169705783_n 11900057_10207509226559319_1787187172990582422_n 11960194_10207509226279312_5651873961049513152_n

Week 5

Our topics:

ELEMENTARY KIDS: What Makes Movies Amazing, How to Draw Superheroes, Black Holes, iPads, Pokemon, Vision Therapy, How Does Physics Work in Tap Dance, Coding in Minecraft, How Robots Can Benefit People, How Videography Benefits 3rd Graders, Music Therapy, Three Things 8 Year Olds Knew 100 years Ago, Cats, Robots

MIDDLE SCHOOL: Boy Scouts, YouTube, Baseball

HIGH SCHOOL: What is Cosplay?, Benefits of Cosplay, Pixelart, Maker Movement, Potato Guns

Working on our visuals.


Our Cosplay Teens!


Visiting Columbia Church, where we will be presenting!

WEEK 6 and on

Adding visuals and creating slide presentations

20150910_123955004 20150910_124415003

 Physics and Dance Vision TherapyMusicBlackholes8 year oldsFX

how to draw super heroes Boy Scouts


Week 9 and on

Practicing in front of the class

20151001_123603004 20151001_124007005 20151001_124445007 20151001_124627008 20151001_125457006 20151001_125802003


FREE for 8 – 18 year olds.

Maximum size 50 participants total that will include Elementary, Middle School, and High School Club Groups.

The Elementary and Middle School Club will meet for 30 minutes weekly, while the High School Club will meet for 1 hour.

The facilitators of this club will be Carissa (Elementary), Susan (Middle), and Angie (High School) with lots of help from our homeschool parents.

Our goal is for the students to present their own Ted style talk on November 19, 12:30-2:30pm.

In our SOTM TED-Ed Club, our kids will be able to share, debate and discuss ideas, learn how to develop, communicate, and present their own ideas, and connect with other TED-Ed Clubs worldwide.

What are the goals of a TED-Ed Club?

●To stimulate and celebrate creative ideas put forth by students from all over the world.

●To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place.

●To connect groups of students of all different backgrounds around the world.

●To provide a web platform where student ideas can be featured and shared.

●To support students in developing presentation literacy and public speaking skills so their ideas can be more easily seen, understood, shared and acted upon.

●To make an idea—developed and presented by a student—a valuable reference point on a resume, college application or in a job interview.


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