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We just started the Irmo DIY Club! We are currently recruiting members and planning our first meeting to design our logo and plan our club adventures!

NOTE: this is a CHILD-LED Club.

The first step is for you to FOLLOW US!!!

Please join, register here, and sign our Liability Form below and become one of our club members!

Our page can be found here:

All members are required to sign our form below:

Some Challenges caught on Video:

Club Member Challenges

We met for a Star Wars Revenge of the Fifth Party and cooked for IRMO DIY!

IMG_3784006007 IMG_3785007003 IMG_3786005004 IMG_3787004005 IMG_3799008006

Forestry Challenges

IMG_3570006 IMG_3576003 IMG_3584007 IMG_3601004 IMG_3610005

Foraging Challenges

IMG_3647004010 IMG_3668006011 IMG_3677009008 IMG_3682010009 IMG_3686014014 IMG_3687012012 IMG_3689011015 IMG_3696013013

Sailing Challenges

IMG_5690006 IMG_5696009 IMG_5698010 IMG_5701008 IMG_5702012 IMG_5703011 IMG_5710007

Swimming Challenge

Archery Challenges

IMG_5718 IMG_5719 IMG_5733 IMG_5737

IMG_6892005 IMG_6891004 IMG_6890006 IMG_6889003

Cardboard Costume Challenges

IMG_3152004 IMG_3160006 IMG_3161007 IMG_3162005

Paper Challenges

Photo Sep 11, 12 20 14003 Photo Sep 11, 12 19 04007 Photo Sep 11, 12 18 49005 Photo Sep 11, 12 18 39004 IMG_3476003

LEGO Challenges


Medic Challenges


Magician Challenges

Pioneer Challenges

20141009_114942006 20141009_114653007 20141009_114635005 20141009_114553008 20141009_114318004 20141009_113825003

Biologist Challenges

Animation Challenges

Superfan Challenges

20141107_154932012 20141107_154919010 20141107_154911011 20141107_154853006 20141106_121136008 20141106_115557009 20141106_114652005 1526707_10152581650676997_1595475906148035984_n007 1526707_10152581650676997_1595475906148035984_n003

Illustrator Challenges

20141113_123532011 20141113_123516010 20141113_122901009 20141113_122830008 20141113_122803007 20141113_122654006 20141113_122420004 20141113_121837003 20141113_121711005


20150123_13153700420150122_124528007  20150205_123417014 20150205_123331012 20150205_123236008 20150205_123525009 20150205_123544011 20150205_124746010 20150205_130009013 20150212_123810003 20150212_124015009 20150312_124747005 20150319_133351009 20150319_12482501120150319_143448012

20150319_130209008 20150319_12483300420150319_125553005 20150319_125228003    20150312_130057004 20150312_124330006 20150312_124337007



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