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News and What We Do October 2018 Onwards

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New Website


Notables Fair Fall 2018

Douglas Adams

Sally Ride


Charles Lindbergh

Love Valley & Mystery Hill Fall 2018

Love Valley

Love Valley 1003Love Valley 2004Love Valley 3005

Come Back Shack

Mystery Hill

adults 3Mystery Hill006

August and September 2018

TEDEd Club begins again with Ms. Carissa

Spanish with Ms. Casey

Ancestry with Ms. Mary Beth

Critical Thinking and Odyssey of the Mind with Ms. Jessica

Music with Ms. Megan

Party and Games

Career Fair

Musicians Rock!

Chick-Fil-A Person


Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon

If you are curious about what happened to Oscar, here is a video:


SOTM makes it on TEDEd Clubs “For the Young Ones” Playlist

TWO of our TEDEd Club members made it to

this new TEDEd Clubs Playlist this year!

For the little ones

Maizeigh and Enzo

Congratulations Maizeigh and Enzo!

For other videos in the playlist, please click here.

Science Fair Fall 2018


Soapy: The Best Solution for Bubbles

Meteorites and Craters

Sweet Tooth

How Do Words Affect Water?

This is My Heartbeat Song: Which Activities Get Your Heat Pumping Faster?

Lightning at Home

The Substitute Teacher: Do Sugar Substitutes Make a Difference?

Maple Syrup Candy

Behind the Purr: What Makes a Cat Decide to Purr?

Which Gender Will They Help: A Minecraft Social Experiment

The Doggone Truth: Do Dogs Have a Paw Preference?

The Effects of Music on Heart Rate


Field Trip with Local Naturalist Rudy Mancke

We shared an incredible private nature tour with famous local naturalist Rudy Mancke.


His advice to the children:

Develop an interest in something other than yourselves, make sure it makes a difference in other people’s lives,¬†make sure you do it your own way, and hope that you get a job doing it.

Summer 2018 Photos

Minecraft Writing Class


Fossils Class

Mushroom Mountain Tour


Hagood Mills Tour

Summer Fun


Summer 2018 Begins

Trafficking Awareness Class

with Lighthouse for Life



Homeschool Lunch!

Bake for Good