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Who We Are


Our families


As a co-op, we provide our families with educational opportunities. When we have had to outsource outside our coop community, we have been able to choose leaders and/or teachers who hold college degrees and/or are local experts in their fields of interest.  We have offered courses taught by a trained LEGO coach, an international award winning Artist, a Mandarin teacher from China, a Drama teacher with a PhD, a Science Teacher voted Best Teacher of the Year in a local school, and a Stock Portfolio Manager.  Our field trips have included classes in various organizations: museums, universities, on ships, forensic labs, restaurants, traffic court, out in nature with field experts, etc. We choose teachers who are passionate about quality instruction for our homeschool students.

Carissa (Coordinator and facilitator)


Carissa discovered her passion for homeschooling when she created her son’s first homemade educational toys. Since then, she has created curriculum for her son’s homeschool preschools and has enjoyed educating her son at home. Carissa, previously GHF’s Outreach Manager, is presently regional representative for Gifted Homeschoolers Forum in South Carolina. She enjoys the organization of School of the Minds and her Facebook Page dedicated to Homeschooling Asynchronously with Imaginational Overexcitabilites. Carissa has an Art History Degree with museum, art management and auction house training. She is also a published author and blogger.

Christopher Thornburg  (Spanish Teacher)


Christopher teaches Spanish through language led playtime. He suggests 3 sessions per week for 1/2 hour via Skype.


Megan Jensen is a music teacher, singer, and pianist. She received her Bachelors of Music Education from the University of South Carolina Aiken in 2008. She has been performing professionally and teaching private music lessons for 15 years. After graduating, Megan worked as music director at East Aiken School of the Arts, where she helped lead the initiative to become an arts-integrated magnet school, teaching students core subjects through the arts. She also directed several musicals, including School House Rock, Jr. and Annie, Jr. Megan and her family moved to Leesville, SC in the Fall of 2014. During the summer of 2015, she started a small private teaching studio. The community of Saluda welcomed her with open arms. Today, she teaches more than twenty students per week, and the studio offers voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons. She enjoys helping students reach their full potential as they learn skills that help them become lifelong musicians, learners, and advocates for the arts. 

We also have a Mandarin teacher.


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