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Spring 2015 Week 6



A duel


Lint is Flammable

Opening a Can of Tuna

FX Guru

 It’s Up For Debate

We are now learning how to have a proper DIALOGUE while DEBATING.

We are practiced voicing PRO and CON arguments on the same topic.


The kids also debated on the fact that Goldilocks was right to go inside the Bear’s House.

20150305_131900004 20150305_131904005


Thursday’s homework:
Exercise book A  Lesson 5  Thursday–Friday
Friday’s homework:
1. Memorize how to say: 你叫什么名字?
                              我叫           。(小猫 ,小狗 , 小鸟  , 小鸡  ,小兔 , 小鱼   )
2.Recognize 9 characters:                                                           


Thursday’s homework:

1.Trace the Characters for Lesson 6

2.Exercise book B Lesson 6  Monday and Tuesday

  1. Write the essay : What do you do at home?

Friday’s homework:

  1. Memorize how to say: 你是哪国人? What’s your nationality?

我是          。( 美国人 , 中国人 , 韩国人 , 英国人, 巴西人 ,加拿大人 )
2.Recognize 6 characters:   是      美     国     中      韩       英


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