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Fall 2014: Week 3




1. Say “一 二 三, 三 二 一。 一 二 三 四 五 六 七” three times a day
2. Try to count from 1- 99.
3. Remember “red” and “green” in Chinese.

Advanced Beginners

Photo Aug 28, 10 12 25004 Photo Aug 28, 10 13 26005 Photo Aug 28, 10 23 38006 Photo Aug 28, 10 25 16003

Review the test questions.

Engineering: Submersibles

Photo Aug 23, 11 29 28003 Photo Aug 23, 11 29 44004 Photo Aug 28, 17 43 13003

Sound Pole Technology versus Sonar Technology

Learning about the Twilight Zone

Homework: research something you are passionate about the Ocean Deep. Share FIVE facts you learned with the class when you return.


IMG_6889003 IMG_6890006 IMG_6891004 IMG_6892005

Knife skills and making arrows and targets

Next week: make your own costume (Minecraft, LEGO or other) or do a LEGO challenge.


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