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3D Art: Superhero Action Figures


by Molly Wise-Drews


Minimum 5 kids, Maximum 20 kids.

Week of July 14th, 1-4pm

The kids will create their own Superhero Action Figures. We will sew bodies, accessories and clothes using felt and velcro.  Then, print heads on a 3D printer and attach these to their figures.  We will create paper maiche planets that the action figures would theoretically live on. We could also cut the paper maiche balls in half and attache these with hinges and clasps so that the planets could also be used to store their action figure’s accessories.

*Note: 2nd grade and up is recommended. Otherwise, for the younger kids unable to sew, homeschool mamas can help.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Please add Erin to your list of participants. Thx.

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