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Science on Stage: Chemistry of Color and Physics of Light


by Melissa Ellington

Fall 2014

This Science on Stage Fall 2014 class will explore color through chemistry and properties of light waves through physics. Students will make a chemical indicator that identifies substances by color changes. Students will also learn about the physical properties of light waves through patterns of movement. These concepts will be examined through demonstrations and experiments during class. Students’ scientific learning will be incorporated in an original script devised by the instructor. This class will also address basic theatre terminology and acting skills. Each student will create an original character that s/he will play in a theatrical performance inspired by the chemistry of color and physics of light. Students will design and build their own costumes and props outside of class time.  These design and building projects will align with several of the challenges for those students who are interested. The last class session will feature a dress rehearsal and performance of the short play.

Dates: Tuesday mornings from 10 – 11 am on September 9, September 23, October 7, October 21, and November 4.

Maximum class size: 10 students

Fee: $5 per student for demonstration supplies.  Students will provide their own costume and prop materials. The emphasis will be on creativity with arts and crafts supplies the students already have at home and repurposing items to make innovative designs rather than spending money to purchase expensive supplies.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    So looking forward to this. Thanks Melissa.

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