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Science on Stage: Superheroes


$5/student, taught by Melissa Swick Ellington and Science Consultant by Robert Ellington

What: Science on Stage: Superheroes

Each child will invent an original superhero character. Students will write a brief character biography and send by email to the instructor prior to the first week of class. (Guidelines will be sent to parents in advance.) The instructor will incorporate the students’ original characters in creating a script in which the Science Superheroes solve problems using the periodic table and simple machines. A science education consultant with decades of experience as a physical science and chemistry teacher will provide guidance.

Before the first class, the instructor will email the completed script to parents so that students can become familiar with the material. During the four class sessions, students will learn about the science topics explored in the script and rehearse the play. Outside of class time, students will create their superhero costumes and one (or more, if desired) prop(s) to be used in the performance.  These design and building projects will align with several of the challenges for those students who are interested. The last class session will feature a dress rehearsal and performance of the play.

Participants: 10 maximum 

Cost: $5 per child for science demonstration materials. (Any funds not used to purchase items for the demo experience will be refunded.) Students will provide their own costume and prop materials. The emphasis will be on creativity with arts and crafts supplies the students already have at home and repurposing items to make innovative designs rather than spending money to purchase expensive supplies.

When: By mid-June kids send superhero character ideas to Melissa. By late June, Melissa emails scripts to parents so kids can get familiar with their roles and start learning lines. 

Friday July 11, 10 to 11 am: science demonstrations with Robert and script read-through
Monday July 14, 10 to 11 am: staging script with Melissa and basic theatre/acting skill overview
Friday July 18, 10 to 11 am: Rehearse play with costumes and props. Showcase play for parents and friends. (probably 10-15 minute script)


  1. Debey says:

    We would love to participate

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Erin definitely participating.

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