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Fall 2013 Week 5



Creating Robots: Battery Holder and Motor


Kids used a glue gun AND a 700 dgree Fahrenheit HOT tool to solder their wires together.


The automaton at work!


How to Catch the Wind: Trying out IMPROVED Sailboats in the Lake

IMG_0221004 IMG_0222002

IMG_0223001 IMG_0225003

DSCN2505 (600x800)


How to Film a Horror Short: Putting It All Together

IMG_0086002001001 IMG_0109001002002

Costumes, Make-Up, Filming a Few Scenes and Testing the Software


LEGO: Building to Express

How to be a Good Citizen: prevent someone from falling down, helping someone find their lost hat, paying bills, picking up trash, pay more bills, walking the dog when my mother is sick, help people walk across the street, to become a dentist and make sure I have a kid’s corner in my office, to call my brother.

IMG_0184002 IMG_0185003 IMG_0187004 IMG_0189005 IMG_0190001 IMG_0191004 IMG_0192007 IMG_0193001 IMG_0194003 IMG_0195005 IMG_0196002 IMG_0197006 IMG_0198003 IMG_0201001 IMG_0205002 IMG_0207001 IMG_0208006 IMG_0209005 IMG_0212002 IMG_0213003 IMG_0215004 IMG_0216001


More Speaking and a Chopsticks Game


IMG_0182002 IMG_0183001


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  1. Such a excellent start to a new school year!!!

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