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Reading Movies at the Nickelodeon Theatre II


After our first field trip to the Nickelodeon, we wanted to return sooner rather than later. Their program called Reading Movies is just amazing. One parent told me “This is the best program we’ve been to in a long time!”  So here is information on our second field trip.

WHAT: Learning to READ Movies by watching The Buzkazhi Boys (2012) which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.

WHO: 12 years old and up, younger kids may take part but the Director wants to make sure that homeschool parents are aware that this film, although Not Rated, does contain more emotional topics (an off-screen violent death of a best friend and the yearning to rebel against parents)

WHERE: Nickelodeon Theatre

WHEN: Wednesday, 23rd October 2013, 9:00am-12:00pm

COST: $12 per student. Cost includes free small popcorn (salt, no butter) and drink (water, Coke products) for all students. Parents are FREE.


Program Goals & Objectives:
● To show students thought provoking short films
● To engage students in a post­film discussion about the techniques of film
● To teach students to analyze movies using the languages of film
● To teach students how filmmakers use the languages of film to tell a story.
● To engage students in critical thinking and writing activities

Goal = Students learn the basics of the language of film and develop basic storytelling skills.

Program Description:

Reading Movies presents film screenings, post film discussions and critical thinking/writing exercises that enrich students’ study of literature, social studies, science, world languages, and the visual and performing
arts. This program also provides students with a basic understanding of the languages of film: Camera, Editing, Sound & Mise en Scene (Setting, Character, Wardrobe, Lighting, etc). Education faculty as well as guestspeakers provide a social, historical, cultural, and aesthetic context for the film and facilitate post­screeningdiscussion. After post­screen discussion, students break into groups to collaborate, write and present a new ending for the film.

RSVP and PAY before 14th October 2013: School of the Minds (schooloftheminds (at) gmail (dot) com)

PARKING: Parking is available in the parking garage directly behind the Nick/Mast General Store (Corner Assembly and Taylor) – all blue metered parking goes up to 10 hours. Parking on the street only goes up to 2 hours.

All parents and volunteers are asked to be active participants in the group activity at the end of the program, please make sure that parents are aware.

CAPACITY: 25 students only


More info from Sherard:

The best thing that you can do is send parents to the website so they can research the film for themselves.
Any descriptions you use for the film, should come from there.
The film is unrated, but there is a violent death – a kid is thrown from a horse and dies. It’s a head injury and blood is shown. And, it’s the main character’s best friend…so that scene is likely to sadden or frighten young viewers. The film is unrated, but if it was to get a rating it would be PG-13, and the “13”, would come from this scene. You don’t see the actual hit, but you do see the boy lying on the ground dead and the blood beneath his head.
As far as violence, there isn’t any, unless you have parents that are opposed to animal cruelty. In the Classroom Prep I send out, i have a section about understanding other cultures as well as the sport of Buzkashi, which has been around in the middle east since the ancient times. But the sport does involve strapping a headless goat to the main players horse – you can watch the sport here
Again, it is recommended for high school age kids…I strongly suggest parents with children under the age 12 or 13 think very carefully before bringing younger kids to this Field Trip. We believe the subject matter in this film would be too strong for anyone 12 years or younger.

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