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Tim Burton Film Class


We have amazing people in our community who support our homeschool coop.  Over the summer, our children’s art work will be exhibited at the Columbia Museum of Art. This Fall, we are partnering with the Nickelodeon on The Art of Storytelling through Film.

Frank Baker, one of our country’s leading media literacy experts, has helped us with various curricula ideas. He sent us one on Tim Burton, which Danielle (one of your coop parents) used for our mini-Film Class this past May. It was such a fun experience for the families who participated. We watched and discussed Vincent Price, Frankenweenie, Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Paranorman (as a comparison), Coraline (not Tim Burton, but inspired by his works) and 9 (which he helped produce). For homework, the kids worked on something related to each film. These are just some of the things they did.

Drawings (Frankenweenie)

IMG_2112001 IMG_2113002


Photo Stills (Frankenweenie and Nightmare Before Christmas)


IMG_0348.jpeg001 IMG_0352.jpeg002

IMG_0363.jpeg003 photo.jpeg004

Cut Outs (Corpse Bride)


 Puppets of 9 and 5 (9)

Image001Image (1)001


DSC_0178002 DSC_0181003


A Trip to Pearl Fryar’s Garden (the real life Edward Scissorhands)


IMG_1181004 IMG_1178009

IMG_1172002 IMG_1193008

IMG_1180005 IMG_1188001

IMG_1185006 IMG_1187007


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  1. School of the Minds has been a great time for us! Love the diversity of education that is offered here! Thanks!

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