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Junior FIRST® LEGO® League @ State Championships



The Avengers’ Senior Citizen Challenge Display


The Avengers with their Award!


Mr. Jim’s Garden: Mr. Jim has Parkinson’s and he used to love gardening while listening to Opera. So, the kids designed and created a LEGO dream garden for him that


is accessible by a motorized wheelchair that can lift his whole body up and down depending on the work needed in the garden,


has a pigeon coop with a motorized and sensored roof so that Mr. Jim can let the pigeons free and time their return too,


that has a water fountain with flowers that rotate and speakers that play Mr. Jim’s favorite Opera,


and finally, a raised bed accessible by wheelchair so Mr. Jim can work in his garden.

The Avengers solved a problem with their very sophisticated design.

Good job and Congratulations to our team!

Here are photos of some of the other JFLL teams’ displays at this year’s State Championship:

IMG_0001003 IMG_0002001 IMG_0004005

IMG_9997006 IMG_9998004 IMG_9999002


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  1. jdkruidenier says:

    Wow, what an impressive design. Congrats team!

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