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Week 8 Winter 2013



Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…


How to save Humpty Dumpty with different materials?

Bubble Wrap, Paper or Plastics?


We discovered that Humpty Dumpty was saved by wrapping in it Bubble Wrap and a few plastic bags…

IMG_9916004 IMG_9918001

He cracked inside paper… but not as much as when inside just one zip lock bag.


Junior Lego League

Getting ready for our very first League Event!



A game of directions, questions and… prizes!

IMG_9930002 IMG_9932002 IMG_9934001

Engineering is Elementary

A lecture and Q&A with a real Wall Builder.

Mr. Larry brought photos and tools to show the kids.


Engineering is Art

Continuing with our Encaustic Self-Portraits



Starting our Portrait Collages with an Encaustic Layer

IMG_9939005 - CopyIMG_9944006 - Copy

IMG_9940006 - CopyIMG_9941004 - Copy IMG_9965003      


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