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Week 6 Winter 2013



LEGO: Building a Seesaw and a Hockey Player

IMG_9670004 IMG_9674002

Junior Lego League

Simple Machines, Programming and Robotics

IMG_9647002 IMG_9650004 IMG_9658005 IMG_9660003 IMG_9666001


Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

How To Make Dumplings (using dough and chocolate chips!)

IMG_9680002 IMG_9682007 IMG_9683009 IMG_9685005 IMG_9687003 IMG_9691008 IMG_9693004 IMG_9694006

Our Chinese New Year Feast!


Engineering is Elementary: Demolition Fun

The Walls: ready for demolition


The Demolition Ball

IMG_9701003 IMG_9704001

The Demolition


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