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by Ling Liang

$180/child/semester or $50/child/4 weeks. Maximum 10 students. Beginner Mandarin is for children who have no exposure to Chinese.  Advanced Beginner is for children who have some working knowledge of Chinese.  Please contact the teacher should you require more information.

The class for the younger kids is designed by Ling Liang based on her teaching experience in past years. The main objective of this course is to have the students master the standard pronunciation, basic conversations, and some simple Chinese characters.  In addition, the course will introduce some Chinese culture to the students.

To achieve the teaching objectives, the class will be delivered in various ways that are fun and keep kids’ interests in learning:
* Family songs CDs: the CDs contains many traditional kid’s songs that are beloved by generations and are still popular today;
* Story books: include 4 stories which are simple and easy to understand;
* Games cards and pictures: are designed by Ling based on her previous teaching experience
* Home work: will be assigned to students to practice writing Chinese characters.



  1. My daughter has always loved the Chinese language, and has been in a different learning environment for this language. Today was by far the BEST CHINESE CLASS EVER! Ms. Ling keeps the children engaged with such fun activities and introduced a little history in a magnificient way. My daughter and I were amazed to learn the meaning of the Chinese symbols used in their writings. (These little details were never mentioned before in other Chinese classes!) I encourage anybody that is considering another language for their child…. to try this class with Ms. Ling. My daughter left the first class feeling that SHE WILL learn this language, with no confusion or frustration. We can’t wait for next week!!!

  2. Ling Liang says:

    Thanks Danielle!
    I had the best time with your daughter too. She is very very intelligent and got sensitive hearing. I will introduce more cities in the following classes. I really enjoy teaching her. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to enjoy her.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am interested in this class. My daughter is 4 1/2, but my entire family wants to learn Mandarin. Do you have any classes available for adults and younger children? We have already learned a few Mandarin phrases using the Mango language resource.
    Thank you.

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