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Darwinism and DNA – Can we create Superman?


by Christopher Leventis Cox


Why do living things change overtime?  Can we speed up this change, or even create new creatures, smarter or faster humans, or cure diseases?

Darwin’s observations lead to the theory of evolution.  A quest to understand how evolution works, lead to the discovery of our DNA.  Examining Darwinism and DNA will help us answer questions like those above.

The class is technology based with information given by PowerPoint and web presentations.  Class will be taught in a Socratic type method to develop critical thinking.  There will be a test at the end to evaluate the student’s understanding and ability to apply that understanding.  The ability to listen, write, and think at the same time will also be improved during this class. You will need a notebook and pen/a computer to take notes.

Mr. Leventis Cox has taught science classes at the middle school and college level.  Voted best teach multiple times, his methods have also been observed by others as a best practice.


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